Monday, January 20, 2003

here it is..
This link is too strange...

There seems to be some UFO activity that NASA is'nt telling us about. The European satelite soho is finding some real strange things out there.

Today is January 20th, 2002. I have all the windows open and am watering my yard.

This is something I would expect to do in late March or early April. This is not normal Colorado weather. This is supposed to be winter, yet feels like spring.

Some of my trees are trying to bud. If the weather don't change, I should see leaves with in two weeks.

Someone told me a few days ago that they thought the earth must be off it's axis because the shadows on his wall in the morning are not where they are suppose to be.

Somewhere in the distance, I hear a clock ticking.
We are now days to weeks from the start of the next Gulf War. Will this one be as easy as the last one? Should it be happening at all?
I'll be posting my thoughts as well as links to other sites with news and opinions from the edge.

Hold on tight, we may be in for a hell of a ride.